Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Red Herrings

Sorry for the radio silence, I've been working on completing LAUNDRY DAY and got slackerly with my side projects. As promised, I did finally see INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, as well as several notable "Hollywood South" films like 22 JUMP STREET and DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, and I can report they all contain zero New Orleans content. Moving on.

I saw KING OF HERRINGS at its world premiere 18 months ago at the New Orleans Film Festival and loved it. It's a beautifully shot portrait of 4 middle-aged ne'er-do-wells as they fight, drink, boast, sabotage, and compete with each other. Eddie Jemison and Sean Richardson directed from Jemison's script and they've made a real gem of low-budget ingenuity.  It doesn't take a huge concept or vast scope to make a riveting movie, and New Orleans has a unique asset that lends itself to great indie filmmaking: extraordinary personalities. By smartly writing for and around their fellow actors (Joe Chrest, David Jensen, Wayne Pere, and John Mese; all old friends from LSU) Jemison & Richardon have made their characters the centerpiece (the central concept, even) of the film. It's an invaluable lesson that NOLA indie filmmakers should heed as they figure out how to get bang for their buck, and that's why it is an Essential NOLA Film.

KING OF HERRINGS— https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/king-of-herrings/id945930842


  1. Thanks for this honestly awesome review! I think you hit many nails on the head with this!