Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some thoughts on this blog…

Hello, Randy here.

I started this because I wanted other filmmakers to have a resource that'd let them peruse the history of NOLA-made films pre-Hollywood South, and quickly be able to identify the films with the most relevance to whatever they're working on. In other words, the resource that I wish I had!

You could say I'm watching all these films so you don't have to.

However, I never wanted to do film reviews, and I'm afraid maybe that's what this is turning into. I won my first journalism awards for film criticism, it's a form I really love, but others do it better. This blog is supposed to break down with I think certain films did right or wrong in how they used New Orleans on screen.

It's supposed to have actionable insight for filmmakers to consider regarding their own projects.

It's supposed to discuss precedents for various storytelling techniques.

It's supposed to examine how to mount a local film production that uses NOLA's energy and chaos to its advantage, instead of trying to lock it down and control it like Hollywood prefers.

I think maybe it's gotten too far away from that. Fortunately, I'm almost done with all the major features shot and/or set here. I think. I discover more all the time. Keep 'em coming!

Anyway, regarding the content of this blog, what say you? Please leave a Comment about what you liked and/or didn't about the blog so far, and what you'd like to see in terms of laying out a blueprint for independent film production using Essential NOLA Films (those lists on the right) as role models.


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